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One way those unable to invest or not interested in becoming investors can help secure the Lodge is by contributing to Eastern Oregon Legacy Lands Fund. EOLLF is the nonprofit partner of Lake Wallowa Lodge LLC in this endeavor and a member of the LLC. As a tax-exempt organization, EOLLF can receive tax-deductible contributions of all sizes for the Lodge, and all such contributions will be used to support the campaign effort and to purchase shares (units). In addition, those who have invested in the Lodge can also contribute to EOLLF, and many investors already have.

A Unique For-Profit / Non-Profit Partnership

EOLLF, Lake Wallowa Lodge LLC’s organizational partner in this community effort, is a nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation whose mission and purposes include protection of culturally important historic properties. (EOLLF is also the organizational sponsor for Wallowology Natural History Discovery Center on Main Street in downtown Joseph.) EOLLF is participating in this campaign as a member of the LLC and therefore will become a part-owner of the lodge and surrounding lands. EOLLF accepts, from individuals, families, and businesses, tax-deductible contributions earmarked for lodge acquisition. All such contributions are placed in a special restricted fund.

Two ways to help purchase the Wallowa Lake Lodge

1. Become an Investor in Lake Wallowa Lodge LLC at increments of $1000/unit.

2. Become a Donor by making a tax-deductible donation of any amount to Eastern Oregon Legacy Lands Fund.

These ‘Twin Options’ for financial support (investing and donating) will hopefully provide more opportunity for community participation and open more funding doors than a typical campaign.

Donations may be made by clicking the Donate button at the upper left or by sending a check to the following address.

Eastern Oregon Legacy Lands Fund
PO Box 666
Joseph, Oregon 97846

Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For the latest information about Lake Wallowa Lodge LLC and the status of the community effort to secure the Wallowa Lake Lodge as a community resource, please vist the Lake Wallowa Lodge LLC web page.


Wallowology Natural History Discovery Center, located in downtown Joseph, is the first of EOLLF's public education projects. Please visit Wallowology's web page at

WallowologyBuilding Front

The Wallowology Natural History Discovery Center